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100% cotton Batik 106" quilt backing fabric xTonga 5264

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Part Number:xTonga B5264- Red
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Width:106"
This 106" quilt backing will eliminate the need for seams in most quilts. In order to make sure the cut on 106" fabric is straight so you get a full measure of the fabric we rip the first cut. Rip it? Oh yes we do...the fabric will tear only on the grain which results in a perfectly straight cut that you can trust. Having the edges cut straight will help you load the fabric on a longarm or pinning table to have a perfectly straight quilt. If the backing gets loaded or pinned less than perfectly on the grain it may not hang straight or worse yet, it may not be enough once you get to the far side. Don't worry, we always cut fabric generous so you will be able to cut off the torn edge if it bothers you and still have the measure you purchased.
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