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Queen 99x99
Queen 99x99

Quilt Kit for Dinner Plate Dahlia Technique of the Month Pattern ***Purchased and shipped over 6 months***

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Part Number:827
  • Completed Quilt Size:99x99
  • Includes:Our kits are guaranteed - our mistake....fixed. Your mistake...we will replace up to 1 yard of fabric for free.
  • Color:Custom Colorway using Quiltster
This offering is for a Quilt Kit that you will receive in over a 6 month period.  We will customize your kit in the colors you want by using Quiltster or one of the colorways designed by Quiltster.  Here is how it will work:

  1. $120.00 - Month 1:  You will receive the full pattern.   During this month you will have time to review instructions, cut out newsprint and organize as directed in the instructions. 
  2. $75.00 - Month 2:  You will receive the fabrics for Book 5, Group A (Center FLower)  & Book 6 Group B (Cactus Flower)
  3. $75.00 - Month 3:  You will receive the fabrics for Book  4, Group C (Compass Point & Dahlia)
  4. $75.00 - Month 4:  You will receive fabrics for Book 3, Group D (Fan) and Book 2 Group E (Ogee Arch)
  5. $75.00 - Month 5:  You will receive fabrics for Book 2, Group F (Vintage Fan, Vintage Fan and Applique) and Book 2 Group G (Giant Leaf)
  6. $75.00 - Month 6:  You will receive fabrics for Book 2, Group H (Picket Fence Border)
Kit does not include the fabric for backing, binding or the batting.  

The pattern is set up with 6 Books.   Book 1 is an introduction to the pattern and methods and will allow you time to get organized before fabric arrives.   Book 2 has you completing Groups E-H;  Book 3, Group D; Book 4, Group C; Book 5, Group A and Book 6, Group B.  As you can see the order of the Group and the Books is reversed.  In order to keep the monthly cost of this 6-month purchase even, it was necessary to have you work on the Groups in alphabetical order (A-H), rather than booklet numerical order (2-6).  Some months you will work Groups in more than 1 booklet and others you will work all the groups in a booklet over more than one month.  Trust me, it will all make sense.  If it doesn't...never fear, I'll be here to help.

When you order this kit I will set you up to receive recurring invoices that will be sent to your email each month for $75.00, starting 30 days after to order.   Once we receive your order we will work to get your preferred colorway ready, either by designing a custom colorway in Quiltster or you may select one already designed.  Your pattern will be shipped immediately.   We will then have a month for you to decide the colorway you want and for us to to get your custom design into Quiltster so you can approve how it looks.  Normally I will have a design completed and approved in just a few days...but this gives you time to really make sure you love it before fabric starts arriving.  

Most of the colorway pictures in this listing use fabrics that are now discontinued and no longer available.   If you like the colorway we can work to create a replica for you if necessary. 

Let me know if you have question on the program.  


Please let me know if you have any questions while making this quilt.  I'd love to help out.  Just call, email or text and I'll be there to help.

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