I followed a "Tumbleweed" "Into The Northwoods" and came out with a "Woodcarvers Star"

I followed a "Tumbleweed”  "Into the Northwoods” and came out with a "Woodcarvers Star” 
I’m not sure if I have made it clear how obsessed I am with Judy Niemeyer patterns.  I always have at least one underway.   Today is different….I have 3.    
Last summer I went to Vashon island to a new quilt store (to me) and bought the fabrics for Tumbleweeds.   I wanted to make something bright and think I went a bit overboard.
I finally got this one quilted and almost finished with the binding.
While I had "Into the Northwoods” on the longarm I would hop back and forth between sewing the binding on "Tumbleweeds” to piecing "Woodcarvers Star”.  Since I don’t have a design wall (yet), I use my floor.  I usually don’t have enough floor space to lay out the quilt completely so this time I gave in and moved a chair to another room.  This allowed "Woodcarvers Star” to fit on the floor – almost.
Being afflicted with a lack of patience, I always lay out the whole quilt before I start piecing the blocks together.    This is probably the best thing to do anyway, just in case colors were confused and corrections need to be made.  Fortunately, it all worked out.
I then started putting together the blocks on "Woodcarver’s Star” while I finished the quilting on "Into the Northwoods”.
Fortunately the timing worked out perfectly.   I finished quilting "Into the Northwoods” at the same time I had the rows together on "Woodcarvers Star”. 
Into the Northwood was a creative challenge for me.  There are no digitized designs for this one yet as it is such a new pattern.  I had to figure out my own pattern.  This is what I did…I may just make my own patterns in the future!
Once I have the blocks together it is time for rows.   I always find it easier to stage the rows on the longarm.  It helps if there is still a quilt there to make a ‘table’.   This time there was.
I hope to have all 3 finished today before the grandkids come over this evening.  It’s raining and the hubs is out dirt bike riding so I just may get them all finished in one day.  

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