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T-shirt quilts from Granny Sassy Designs

T-shirt quilting process

Preserve your memories with a T-shirt Quilt! Send us your clean whole shirts.  We will cut to size, stabilize the fabric and piece the shirts together to make your personalized quilt.  We will then load it on our Gammill Statler Longarm quilter and stitch the overall design of your choice.  We will trim the stitch pattern so it does not go over the printed part of any shirt that would not look good with stitching on top. Once completed we will bind the edges and get the completed quilt to you quickly. 

Our pricing makes it easy to know what it will cost:
•$50 non-refundable deposit required
•$20.00 per shirt (we will cut out and use all printing possible – front, back sleeves, etc.)
•$200.00 minimum (on the per shirt cost)
•batting included - we use Hobbs 80/20
•Customer provided fabric for the backing and binding (looks best with two different fabrics). You can get a great price for your backing and binding fabric at my shop.  When you pick fabrics use colors that coordinate with the T-shirts or the theme of the shirts. Once we know the the size of your quilt we will let you know how much backing and binding fabric you will need. The backing needs to be 100% cotton quilt store quality fabric if you want this to last.

If you want us to select fabric we will send you a link to the fabric we suggest for your approval and will include it in the final bill.

At Granny Sassy Designs we have many patterns to work with to make your T-shirt quilt truly custom, and would love to work with you on this very special project.

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